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Everyone faces difficult times at one point or another. Unfortunately, the economy and job prospects seem to be getting worse as the years go by. Excessive personal and public debt has contribute to one of the worst economic environments in recent history.  At Ipson Law Firm we understand how the economy affects personal situations.  We know that in spite of your best efforts you may be consumed with debt.

We provide to individuals the services of bankruptcy lawyers in Ogden, Utah and other Northern Utah areas. A Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a merciful tool that you may need to take advantage of to rid yourself of debt that you may simply never be able to pay back.

An Ogden bankruptcy lawyer can help you liquidate the debt you have accumulated over the years. Whether it is medical debt, credit card debt, or other consumer debt, any Utah bankruptcy attorney from Ipson Law has the experience and know-how to bring you through the morass of red ink that may be suffocating you.


Family Law Attorney

Often bankruptcy and divorce go hand in hand. Financial problems are as likely to ruin a relationship as almost any other factor. For that reason, Ipson Law Firm provides divorce and family law services to its clients. Since we understand our clients financial situation, we understand their personal circumstances as well.

Other family law and divorce matters may have resulted from non-financial related matters. Whatever the source of your familial stress, we can help. Let an Ogden, Utah divorce attorney from Ipson Law Firm protect your interests and well as those who depend on you.


Providing Criminal Defense Services

As part of services to individuals we may also provide an Ogden DUI attorney to those who may be in need. A DUI or charge for domestic violence can have long lasting consequences without the help of a reliable Utah criminal defense attorney. We aim to protect you in a way that will allow to move on and leave your poor choices in the past. We also work hard to protect the innocent and to ensure that your constitutional rights are protected.